Malai Kulfi – Summer at it’s peak

Updated with images on 30/7/2018

Malai Kulfi

Summers are no time soon getting over and in this hot & humid weather, a nicely set kulfi would do wonders. With this thought in mind I dialed my aunt (mom’s sis)  in Mumbai. Now you would wonder, why I would dial my aunt? The thing is that in Oct 2009, we visited her for a long weekend (i think due to 2nd Oct) and she treated us to yumm home-made kulfis. Mind you I’m not a big fan of home-made ice-creams because I’ve felt that they don’t set well enough with lot of ice-crystals. May be world has changed but I’m yet to try a home-made ice-cream which is perfectly set.

Malai Kulfi

To go back to the kulfi – she served us kulfis and I bit into it with all apprehension waiting for ice-crystals to hit me. But there came none! WOW!!! And V being V, ate them like a glutton, aaarrgghhhhhhhh! And started pestering me to take recipe from her and make more at home. Well to tell the truth, I wanted to do the same :D. So the phone call to her. The recipe she gave me was simple and very-very easy to make, except for borrowing a deep wok from neighbor I was set to roll or freeze or chill or whatever!

Malai Kulfi

This is the simplest recipe ever. With no GMS etc been added – just perfect kulfi! I’m planning to visit her again next month for a long weekend (15th Aug) and am already anticipating what goodies she will serve us. She is a good cook and I love food served and made by others – I get a holiday. Unpaid cooks like me, enjoy this break I guess!

Malai Kulfi

12 molds of kulfi Conversion Chart Print

Malai Kulfi


2 litres of full cream molds
400 grams of condensed milk (1 can)
4 tablespoons of coarsely ground cashew
1 teaspoon of cardamom powder
chopped pistachios & almonds slivers for topping


1.In a thick bottom vessel, reduce the milk to half the quantity on a slow flame. When it is reduced, add condensed milk & heat for another minute or so. Allow it to cool.
2.When cool, add cashew & cardamom powder. Blend well with a whisk. Pour into moulds or ice-cream tins for setting. Set in freezer overnight. Demold & serve chilled. Garnish using chopped pistachio.


Adapted from the repertoire of family recipe.