Trois – Kitchen & Wine Bar | A Restaurant Review

My sincere apologies to Trois & their marketing team at Interface Communications for delay in writing this review. To excuse my lapse I would seek refuge in traveling, buying & shifting into a new house, net- connectivity issues at new place, blah blah… I hope
you get the gist! :)

Well nevertheless last 1 month has been hectic and yet exciting for me in every sense of the word!

So coming back to the review. I opened my Inbox & was quite surprised to receive my first ever {hope it is not my last ;) } restaurant review from Sneh at Interface. A sort of food bloggers/ tweeps/ photographers meet from Pune & Mumbai to review the restaurant & probably know and catch up with each other.

French, eh! Wine, eh!! Fine dine, another big eh! WOW. What will I do there? The first thing I did was to look up the word Trois – means ‘3’ in French.

My closest encounter to French cuisine so far has been Baked Ratatouille, which is an Occitan dish & Eggless Opera Cake which I baked a few weeks back.

So honestly speaking I was clueless about a French menu & was quite expecting to attend french classes to read the menu. :)

Trois Restaurant, Pune

Trois Restaurant, Pune

Trois is a Wine & Fine Dining French restaurant in one of the premium areas of Pune – Kalyani Nagar. The approach is easy & visibility for new comers is good. It is one of the few restaurants in Pune, which is based on owner-chef model run by Chef Mayur Gadkari. He comes across as a very humble & creative person.

As we walked into the restaurant, I was hit by the perfect ambiance for a cosy evening, candle-light dinner, romance… well, I can’t help! I am a die-hard romantic. psst.. psst… I still read a fair share of romance novels ;)

Trois is housed in a bungalow with glass walls & a tempting bar. Nothing can ever be more inviting! The restaurant is further divided into 4 seating area to enjoy as per the mood – earthy, chic, intimate, relaxed, casual or even old world! A mezzanine floor, terrace with alfresco dining, bar, patio, wine cellar holding roughly 200 bottles!

After a small interactive briefing about the start-up & himself, Chef Mayur Gadkari, took out time from the busy opening night to show us around. Wow, what bliss, walking around with a glass of wine in hand! He pointed out few details like wine bottle lamps, herb garden, wine bottle-shaped platter, etc. Every article there seemed bought, created & used with lot of love & attention to detail – they ‘belonged’ at Trois. A very worthy effort!

Boy, was I impressed!!!

We were served from a pre-decided menu of entrees, mains, dessert & wine, catering to both veg & non-veg preferences. I am a vegetarian & V is a non-vegetarian on occasion.

Entrees included – Veg Pinwheel, Mezze Platter, Pork Belly & Chicken Liver Pate’

Trois Restaurant, Pune

Mains consisted of Slow Roasted Goat Cheese, Pan fried Gnochhi with Walnut, Sage & Cream Sauce, Crispy Salmon on bed of Cabernet Sauvignon Ragu with Walnut & Coriander Pesto, Confit Duck with Dauphinoise Potatoes & Cherry Jus, Lamb Bourguignon

Trois Restaurant, Pune

Dessert was a platter – Chocolate & Pear Tart, Creme Brulee with Lemon Flavoring, Mango Mousse with Pineapple & Chilli Salsa, Chocolate Mousse with Oreo Cookies.

Food was accompanied with White & Red Wine. I prefered the Red Wine, it took the food to a whole new level.

I specially enjoyed the Goat Cheese & would surely love to re-create here. V loved the Lamb. Chocolate Mousse with Oreo was a delectable bite but I felt it was out-of-place in a superb menu – it is more in place at a café or a blogger’s experiment. :)

All in all a wonderful evening spent with scintillating wine, amazing food & a most comfortable setting. Kudos to Chef Mayur Gadkari for a remarkable dining experience!

Go ahead Puneites, attack Trois with a vengeance & if you have a partner to impress, don’t look any further!

My only grouse for the evening was too small (both in size & number) helpings spread across roughly 20 mouths. Most of us didn’t get to taste even our preference of veg or non-veg. May be it is the norm of tasting evenings, a mis-management or some other reason. Here is my honest take on Trois based on whatever V & I managed to taste. :)

I got to meet fellow bloggers/ food industry related people from both Pune & Mumbai. Every single girl/ woman was in short dress/ skirt & I was in a salwar kameez covered from head to toe, hiding those post pregnancy kilos – I felt my age! God! I’m in my mid-life crisis. :( But what the heck, even Aish flaunts & hides her pregnancy flab in Indian ethnic. ;)

My camera didn’t work in such dim lighting & I couldn’t capture much of beautiful dishes presented. May be a day-time event would have shown some mercy on my beloved P&S.

The marketing team for Trois was very accommodating & helpful & allowed V to accompany me for the tasting. Thank you Sneh & team!

Sending this to BWW #89 hosted by Lynne. BWW is an event started by Susan, now managed by Cinzia.

  • Shrikant

    Thanks Deepali,
    I was looking for something different this weekend. Your review sounds great. I had gone to a French restaurant in Koregaon Park in year 2000 when my office was nearby.
    Anyway I will try this with my family over this weekend. Hope they server good Veg also.


    • Thanks Shrikant. Trois is good and even Vegetarian is excellent. You should definitely try Slow Roasted Goat Cheese in vegetarian option. It is worthy of the price. Hope you enjoy your meal and do come back to tell me about your experience.