Thandai/ Dry-Fruits Milky Cooler | Re-visiting Food Photos Through the Lens Series – 3

“If I saw something in my viewfinder that looked familiar to me, I would do something to shake it up.” – Garry Winogrand

IMG_0718 Life truly comes a full circle! 2 years ago I went to mother’s place and whipped up some truly delectable goodies but didn’t do justice to them when seeing through the camera.

This year I went with the intention of re-shooting those goodies. I managed just  3 of them. Two of which I’ve already presented. If you haven’t seen, go take a peek at Raw Mango Cooler/ Aam ka Panna & Wood Apple Sherbet/ Bael ka Sherbet.

Thandai/ Dry-Fruits Milky Cooler

Thandai/ Dry-Fruits Milky Cooler

When I posted my Revisiting Series tag on Google+ I got such fantastic response, I couldn’t believe. I was touched and overwhelmed. I have personally found interacting on Google+ easier and meaningful than Twitter. To some extent I believe Chef Dennis Littley agrees with me. He has written a very informative post about Food Blogger’s Guide to understanding Google+. Check it out and you would surely come back a gainer.

Well coming back to Re-visiting Food Photos through the Lens Series, I re-shot my 3rd beverage – Thandai or Dry-Fruits Milk.

Thandai/ Dry-Fruits Milky Cooler

Thandai/ Dry-Fruits Milky Cooler

This re-shoot is also not perfect, which to my dismay I realized much later in the day when I had come back from her place. But nevertheless it was a big improvement on my first shoot.

I had chosen a round wood table with intricate surface design. However I did not pay enough attention to the fact that it was a round table and would leave gaping holes in corners which would even cropping very difficult. Well one important lesson learned!

Barring that I found the pale yellow picked up nicely against the dark wood background.

Thandai/ Dry-Fruits Milky Cooler

Thandai/ Dry-Fruits Milky Cooler

For recipe, hop on to Thandai posted way back in 2011.

I will try and continue doing this series on a monthly basis. And improve my photography skills along the way. Stay tuned and do share what you think Chef Dennis’s post on Google+.

You can see how my Re-visit Series compared to the original at a glance here.

Sending this to Walking through the Memory Lane hosted by Avika & an event started by Gayathri

  • thanks so much for the shout out, and I do love Google Plus! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your time there!

  • Thanks Chef! The pleasure is mine! :)

  • This is a very interesting project you’ve undertaken. I like the color contrast on the thandai pics – the yellow vs brown.Lighting is always a challenge and its only after you take the pictures and download them do you get to see what the lighting has been like. do you do any editing after? I’ll be coming back to see more of these posts. Good luck!

    • Hi Archana, Thanks for a great feedback.

      Ya, lighting is always a challenge and for me even more as shoot using a P&S.

      I just do some basic changes to exposure/ sharpness using free picmonkey/ picasa. Gosh! My secret is out :D

      • haa- its no secret -every good photog uses those tools to bring out the best in their pics… feel free to delete your comment and no one will ever! I use picmonkey profusely! since I use my iphone for my pics – they need a lot of post-op help!

        • yeah I know post processing is the order of the day even with dSLR. What I meant with secret was that I use free version of picmonkey & picasa for editing and not lightroom/ photoshop.

  • Gosh ! I love that round table. Used to have one like that in my home and I used to somehow trip them over every time I touched them he he :) Still would love to have them now just for the sake of photography :) Love the new photos :) I always have trouble taking photos of any drinks using my P & S. but this one looks really good :) Thanks for linking to WTML !!

    • Oh Avika, I know what you mean. I have tripped them, on them a lot in my growing up years. They are the signature style of Saharanpur woodwork in UP. Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you liked the images.