Announcing Black And White Wednesday # 95 | 100th Post on Lemon in Ginger

BWW is back after Summer Holidays and LiG is hosting this week’s Black & White Wednesday edition # 95. It is a weekly photography event started by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook, which showcases black and white food photography. Cinzia of Cindystar is now handling the admin for the series currently. Gallery # 94 can be found at Cafe Lynnylu.

Before going on to the rules, just a congratulatory pat on my back for reaching the 100 posts milestone. Lot of bloggers reach it in less than a year but I have taken over 2 years to reach it. I am enjoying the comfortable pace of my blog. I wrote a small article on finding your own pace and being your own barometer at BlogHer.

To participate just follow these simple RULES –

  1. The photographs have to be food related – an ingredient, a kitchen tool, dish in a restaurant, anything related to kitchen or restaurant, anything related to food preparation, presentation or consumption
  2. You can shoot either in Black & White mode or in color and then post-process it to B&W. You can use any effect you like, but photograph should be in monochrome/ grayscale. Sepia & Cyanotype tones are allowed but photograph should not have any color detail.
  3. Approximate size of your photograph should be 500px wide. Please re-size accordingly before sending across to me. It can be either portrait or landscape orientation.
  4. There is no recipe or story required to accompany your B&W photograph on your blog post.
  5. You have to post the B&W photograph from Wednesday this week (28th August, 2013) to Tuesday in coming week (3rd September, 2013) so that I will be able to post this week’s gallery on Wednesday which is 4th September, 2013. I’ll be accepting entries till Wednesday  (4th September, 2013) noon.
  6. Please remember to link to this announcement, Cinzia’s Black & White Wednesday post as well as Susan’s event page in your post.
Eggless Herb Pull-Apart Rolls

Eggless Herb Pull-Apart Rolls

Send me your entries at alika279(at)gmail(dot)com with Black & White Wednesday in the title of your email. Please include your 500px wide copy of your photograph with title, your name, blog name & url of the post carrying the photograph.

For those who use Twitter, Susan created a hanshtag (#BWFood) to make it easier to find related tweets. Black & White Wednesdays also has a group page on flickr if you had like to join & share photographs.

Looking forward to your photographs & a rocking BWW edition.