Kanji ka Pani with Carrots

Being in Pune for last 7 years and more, I miss food available or eaten in north India. I have embraced lot of food habits of West India but still a cuisine or taste I grew up on is hard to let go.

One such is Kanji ka Pani made using carrots and allowed to ripen in sun for 4-5 days. If the sunlight is weak then it may take upto 6-8 days. It is a beautiful deep wine colour with a slight sour and tangy taste.

Kanji ka Pani with Carrots

The process is extremely simple and requires everyday ingredients.

Like always I dialled my mother for the recipe and I realized that I am missing the Black Carrots to make the Kanji. Kaboom!

Kanji ka Pani with Carrots

Since black carrots are not available in this part of the country, I almost dropped the idea of making it. I couldn’t get myself to make kanji ka pani without the characteristic deep colour as regular carrots won’t leave rich but a sad orange hue.

Then mom suggested to use the regular red carrots and add a beetroot to it which will impart the red colour. A brilliant idea and the day was saved.

Kanji ka Pani with Carrots

If you have black carrots available around you or don’t like beetroot, then replace the quantity of beet with carrots. Easy peasy, I say!

The taste was all that it promised, all that I remembered and all that I was craving. Do make it before the winter season takes away the black carrots with it.

Kanji ka Pani with Carrots

3 litres of refreshing drink Conversion Chart Print

Kanji ka Pani


500 grams of red carrots
150 grams of beetroot
tablespoons of mustard seeds (rai)
1 teaspoon of red chilli powder
3 litres of water
salt to taste


1.Wash and peel carrots and beetroot. Now slice them both into 1½-2 inches long and about 1 cm wide slices. The slices should be thin enough to enjoy biting into them once the drink is ready. I divided the carrot into 6-8 pieces depending upon the thickness of carrot and then chopped them roughly 2 inches length.
2.In a suitable glass jar, add all the spices, chopped vegetables and water. Allow it to ripen in sun for 4-5 days. You can move it inside in evening and return it to sunlight during the day.
3.It is done when the water turns sour and tangy and the colour changes to deep wine or pink depending on the carrot you are using. When you open the lid of the jar, it will also release a slightly pungent smell. But don't worry it is normal and is a characteristic smell of Kanji ka Pani.


A winter beverage typically made using black carrots and loads of water. Simple and too good. I used red carrots as black carrots are not available here but go ahead and use black carrots and replace beetroot quantity as well with black carrots.