Basics of Food Photography | Tutorial 3

Sometimes we do not realise how much knowledge we have gained over the years. It’s only when we are putting it down with a pen and paper or on a notepad like me, that one gathers how much has been achieved.

When I started composing these series for my YouTube Channel, I was overwhelmed with information I had, to share with you guys out there.

I broke it down into various themes and categories. With the first five videos, I am briefly touching upon each of these categories and will expand further upon them in later videos, handling each topic in detail.

Till now we have done – How to Compose a Story around your food image and Learning about Orientation and Depth of Field and in the latest video we will understand Direction of Light and how to work in Natural Light and Artificial Light.

Understanding light is 80% of work in food photography. In this video we understand direction of light using simple clock positions with respect to food and camera.

Side Light – Light coming in anywhere between 1 to 5 or 7 to 11 ’0 clock position

Back Light – Light between 11 to 1 ’0 clock

Front Light – Light between 5 to 7 ’0 clock

There is a live example how to determine which clock position is the light with respect to the position of camera and subject. These tips work well with Mobile Food Photography or a dSLR.

We also explore shooting in natural light next to a window and how to tackle artificial light and why pay attention to glare.

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