Powerhouse – The Comic Bar | Review

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Warning: The post is image heavy as I couldn’t stop myself from trying to capture each aspect of this exciting new place.

Last week I was invited to a food and drink tasting review at the recently launched Powerhouse – The Comic Bar on NIBM Road, Undri.



To quote their team,

Power House – The Comic Bar, A one of its kind, first ever Comic Bar in Maharashtra, it is a masked & caped crusader introducing the nostalgic and colourful side of everyone whose childhood was filled with imagination to their favourite Superheroes and Supervillains in the form of trendy hang out bar. This hang out bar is the Washington “D.C” of the comic world showcasing different elements of superheroes, superhero movies, comics and cartoons in a very quirky way…“Marvel” Indeed!



A lot of emphasis has gone on the designing and interiors of the place and it shows! Every element has been thoughtfully picked creating the desired ambiance and woven into a story and theme.

Based purely as a tribute to Sir Stan Lee for enriching the lives of many kids to now, bringing in the intensity for the adults towards their favourite superheroes through the various forms of Super Power entertainment… Power House – The Comic Bar will show their patrons more than a bird or a plane. This hang out bar has many elements to watch out for, from a villain prisoners wall next to the DJ Console to a silhouette of the famous Gotham City with one of its kind Batman logo made out of thread on top of the bar, from Thor’s Hammer to Loki’s tesseract, from hand painted Avengers wall in a lovely corner to the Justice League wall mounted right at the entrance this place has united all the famous superheroes and supervillains under the banner of booze. With its pillars emblazoned with comic panels, and Wolverine’s knuckle blades protruding from the wall this hang out bar also offers a mix of original and latest versions of the comics & novels with fun board games while you gobble down their very pocket friendly Continental, American and Superfast finger food along with beers & wines and a list of Superhero Cocktails and Pitchers.



There are supposedly gigs like acoustic band, open mic nights and costume parties but nothing was planned that evening. Being a young and peppy place especially with the theme it is designed on, I was expecting a huge crowd but was totally disappointed. There was nobody till 11:30 pm that night except us.


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The place is barely 6 weeks old and is about 15 minutes from the hub of Koregaon Park. To my understanding the location is both an advantage as well as a hindrance to the success of the place – it provides a great chill out place to the residents of that area but even those residents at this moment don’t mind that short drive to KP for the weekend.

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The food served was excellent and some of their signature dishes include – Veg Nachos, Jalapeno Croquettes, Red Eye Chicken, Roadhouse Blue, Veg Crostini, Veg Alfredo Pasta, Primavera Chicken Pasta and Veg Napoliana Pizza. Though I was quite disappointed to note that they haven’t started serving desserts due to low customer influx. A pity!



I was impressed with their theme, ambiance, team and food but their cocktails totally failed to impress me. They have a signature section called Power Drinks which were served to us and quite honestly, I don’t know why they are actually being served at all. The tumblers were too big and too full of ice. And within few minutes the drink was totally watered down with no hint of any vodka, gin or rum that the bartender must have used. Probably a college goer young one might like to sip on it the whole 2 hours and feel the kick of drinking a very large drink in little money but I seriously doubt a mature customer looking to chill out among it’s favourite cartoon characters after watching the superhero movie will be impressed. Though the team did claim that they have regular patrons dropping by specially for these power drinks. To each it’s own I guess!

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We were served Apple and Ginger Martini and Sangria afterwards but by then I was too full to really enjoy any. The bartender is ex-Jimmy Hu and I am sure has lot of potential. I can think of only 2 places which have served me excellent cocktails in past – Stone Water Grill and Euriska. I guess my standards are pretty high.


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The team behind the bar is young and energetic and have some great dreams and plans for the same. And I wish them luck. I give a big thumbs up to the food served.


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Disclaimer: I was hosted by the restaurant for the meal. The pick up and drop was also arranged by them. The views expressed here are totally my own and have not been influenced by any factor other than what I experienced at that point in time.

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