About Me

Lemon in Ginger is my alter ego, it is where I exist beyond family, friends – for myself. The voice here is mine and I share a slice of my life with you.

My mother is an awesome, award-winning cook and some love for cooking may have rubbed off on me when growing up. Here I share mostly, made or baked from scratch recipes, using local ingredients and recipes which I have learned from my mother and I wish to chronicle them.

My dad was a great traveller and he has passed his passion for exploring into all 3 of us (me and my sisters). We learned to see beyond tourist attractions in a place, to enjoy the culture and local life of any place and that is what I bring to you with my Travel Photo Journal.

This space also represents what I enjoy eating at various restaurants and share with you the best this city has to offer through the reviews.


I also explore and practice my photography using raw ingredients, fruits, vegetables and anything worth clicking and present them to you in Photo Series. I am continuously learning photography and evolving with each click – I also share my photography gear, behind the scenes and some tutorials with you in my Food Photography posts.

I am a dedicated home-maker living in the city of retirees – Pune, have two naughty kids keeping me on my toes always. And when time permits, I am a Fashion Technologist by education, Buyer for fashion brands by profession, Food Photographer (foodographist) and Food Stylist by passion and Recipe Blogger by choice. My research paper on Food Blogging – Practices and Processes employed behind the scene have been published in International Journal of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Research.

I would love to work with you. If you wish to collaborate on anything related to food/ travel/ lifestyle, drop me a message in the adjacent contact form. You can also view my portfolio here.

Thank you for visiting Lemon in Ginger and I hope, we will see each other again, and again.