Aam ka Panna


1 kilogram of sour raw mango
100 grams of fresh mint leaves
400 grams of sugar
1 tablespoon of coarsely ground roasted cumin seeds
½ tablespoon of black peppercorns
1 tablespoon of black salt
2 liters of water
1-2 drops of green colour (optional)
sea salt to taste


1. Peel & de-seed mangoes. Clean mint leaves. I recommend using only leaves from mint stems as stems tend to be bitter.
2. Boil mango pulp & mint leaves together for 5-6 minutes or 2 whistles.
3. Allow the mix to cool. When the mixture is cool, grind it into a coarse puree.
4. In a big vessel, add puree, water and sugar.
5. Boil on high for 5-6 mins.
6. Now add black salt as per taste. If required, add sea salt as per taste.
7. Boil for another minute and then turn off the flame. Add black peppercorns and roasted cumin seeds. Mix well and allow the mixture to cool.
8. Once cool, store in glass jar in a refrigerator. When serving add more water depending upon your taste. I prefer the taste to slightly more sweet and tangy.
9. Serve chilled and garnish with fresh mint leaf.


My mother’s recipe from the repertoire of family recipe.

You can squeeze a bit of lemon at the time of serving if you feel the panna is less tangy. Many variety of raw mangoes are not very tangy. I recommend using tangy variety for aam panna. Or you can add lemon for the extra tangy tasty to panna. Adjust flavours by balancing the proportion of ingredients in the recipe.

As this is a concentrate, it can be prepared ready to drink by just adding water to it. A quick and tasty escape from the heat of summers.

For health watchers, you can replace sugar with jaggery or palm sugar.

Ingredients like roasted cumin seeds, black salt are considered to aid digestive process again a benefit to the health.

No preservatives are added to the concentrate so the health quotient of the recipe is high and can be given to kids and adults alike without the guilt for causing any harm to health.

Many people prefer adding soda instead of water a fizzy taste to the beverage.

Adding green colour is totally optional as it only makes it appealing to the eyes, I prefer the original colour that we get by combining mangoes, mint and spices.

Another addition and twist to the taste can be done by adding chat masala to the mix at the time of serving.