Aate Ka Halwa


½ cup of coarse whole wheat flour
½ cup of ghee
½ cup of granulated sugar
1 cup of water
raisins, pistachio, cardamom, almond for garnishing


1. In a thick bottom pan, melt ¾th of the ghee. Add flour to the melted ghee. Allow the flour to roast on slow flame. You may need to continuously stir to avoid burning. In the meanwhile, in another deep pan, boil sugar and water together to make syrup. Boil till sugar is completely melted and syrup is just very lightly thick. Set aside the syrup.
2. When the flour is a nice deep brown in colour, remove from flame. If required, add remaining ghee. Now add sugar syrup slowly, while continuously whisking the flour. Keep rigorously whisking the flour mixture as you add water to avoid any formation of lumps. Add raisins to the mixture and transfer the pan back to the flame and continue to roast till water is completely absorbed for another 4-5 minutes. Garnish with almond slivers and serve hot.


A family recipe.

You can alternatively add sugar and water directly in step 2 instead of first making a syrup, but it gives a better flavour if the syrup is formed first.

Whisking the flour mixture rigorously as you add water is very-very important, to avoid any formation of lumps. Once lumps are formed in aate ka halwa, it is very difficult to remove them.

You can soak raisins in very little (1-2 tsp) water to allow osmosis to take place. And then add these soaked raisins to the flour in step 2.

Adding the remaining ghee is upto you, for a good halwa you will not need it but if you wish to be close to kadha prasad feel then adding same amount of ghee as flour is important.