Iced Coffee | Frappé


2 cups of full cream milk (doodh)
3 tablespoons of sugar (chini)
tablespoons of coffee
150 grams of vanilla icecream
4-5 ice cubes


1. In a blender, mix all ingredients and churn till the sugar is melted, roughly 4-5 minutes. Set aside the coffee mixture in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. .
2. In a blender jar add all the ingredients, milk, coffee, vanilla icecream, sugar and ice cubes.
3. Churn them in the blender for roughly 4-5 minutes or till complete sugar is dissolved.
4. Keep this churned coffee in refrigerator for around 15-20 mins and remove just before serving.
5. Serve chilled with another scoop of ice cream or chocolate syrup.
6. Relish you cold coffee in the hot summer season.


Recipe as taught by Medha.

Keeping aside the coffee for 15-20 minutes, really adds to the froth and creamy side of coffee. So I highly recommend it.

You can use skimmed milk but it tastes better with full cream milk.

If you prefer strong coffee flavour than you can increase coffee powder by 1 teaspoon.

You may need to adjust sugar as per your taste. I usually go for mild sweet, so for me 3 Tablespoons of sugar was perfect.

You can use vanilla, butterscotch, coffee or chocolate flavours of ice-cream.

I prefer less ice cubes, so I added about 4 ice-cubes, you can add some more if you like. If adding more ice cubes then remember to increase coffee powder and/or ice cream scoop as you may end up having diluted coffee.