Iced Coffee | Greek Frappé


40 millilitre of water
2 teaspoons of instant coffee (it has to be instant)
2 teaspoons of granulated sugar
ice cubes
water to top
milk to taste (fresh or evaporated)


1. Pour 40 ml water in a clean jar or shaker with tight fitting lid. Add coffee granules and sugar. Close the lid tightly and shake with all your might for 1½ to 2 minutes. In the beginning you may hear the sugar granules, keep shaking until you can hear no more. And the jar feels like it's almost full. This is the most important stage and you must follow this closely as described. The jar should be filled with froth till the top.
2. Half fill a tall glass with ice cubes. Pour the froth into the glass. You can swirl some water in the shaker/ jar to remove any leftover froth and add to the glass. top up the water to the rim or leave space of adding milk if you want. Pop a straw a enjoy your Iced Frappé.


Recipe adapted from here.

It is easiest and a great recipe for a frappé. I loved it.

You can even make this frappé ahead, pour and enjoy when the mood strikes. A great choice if you are coffee lover.

Instead of roasted or fresh ground coffee, this frappé specifically uses instant coffee powder which is a big plus as it is more readily available to me.