Okra in Gramflour Gravy


½ kilograms of okra
1 tablespoon of gram flour or besan
300 grams of tomatoes
2-3 green chillies
2 teaspoons of coriander powder
1 teaspoons of red chilli powder
½ teaspoon of turmeric powder
1 teaspoon of cumin seeds
¼ teaspoon of asafoetida
¼ cup of oil
salt to taste


1. Slice okra lengthwise. If they are too long, you can further split them horizontally. Grind tomatoes & green chilli together.
2. Heat oil in a wok, add asafoetida and cumin seeds. When the seeds sputter, add gram flour and roast lightly. Add tomato puree and fry it. Now add all the spices and roast again till they leave aroma and oil is released. The gravy will be a thick and on the drier side.
3. Now add sliced okra into the prepared gravy and adjust salt if needed. Mix well & cook till done. Remove from wok and transfer in a serving dish. Garnish with grated paneer, onion & tomato rings, etc and serve hot.


My mother’s recipe from the repertoire of family recipe.

Okra is a very forgiving veg and you can create it in many flavors as per your preference.