M&M Piñata Cake

one 8 inch round cake Conversion Chart Print


1 layer of chocolate cake
2 layers of vanilla cake
1 portion of sugar syrup
300 grams of M&Ms or gems


1. Bake one chocolate cake as per instructions given in the recipe. Bake two layers of vanilla cake.
2. Prepare sugar syrup.
3. Using a cookie cutter or a lid of a container, scoop out the center of one vanilla and chocolate layer, leaving a ring in the center.
4. Place the ring vanilla layer on a platter or cake stand. Make some holes into the bottom layer using a fork. Soak the bottom layer in sugar syrup. Then lightly spread whipped cream. Place the ring chocolate layer on top of the vanilla layer & repeat the process of soaking & spreading filling. Fill the well made in the center with M&Ms or gems or candies of your choice. Now place the second vanilla layer (which is whole and not cut out) & again soak it. Lightly spread whipped cream on top & sides of the cake making a crumb coat. Refrigerate the cake for 1 hour.
5. Remove from refrigerator and frost as per your preference. Chill and serve. And enjoy the accolades.


I was less generous with soaking in this cake as I felt that syrup might lead the M&Ms to bleed.