Til ke Ladoo

18-20 medium sized ladoos Conversion Chart Print


150 grams of til (sesame seeds)
150 grams of khoya (khoa, mawa)
150 grams of castor sugar


1. Wash the sesame seeds using a fine mesh colander/ strainer very thoroughly. This step is important as sesame seeds contain lot of fine dirt. Spread the washed seeds on a fine muslin cloth in thin layer. Allow it to dry for 2-3 days.
2. When the seeds are completely dry or just very barely moist, dry roast them in a thick bottom pan or wok. It should start emitting nice roasted aroma. Remove from pan and keep aside. Using the same pan, dry roast the khoa, till it is nice golden in color. Switch off the flame. Allow the khoya to cool down.
3. Meanwhile, using a grinder, grind the sesame seeds into fine powder. When mawa is just lukewarm quickly add in ground seeds & sugar. Mix well. Roll small balls using hands. Serve with tea or coffee or as a dessert after dinner.


from a family recipe by my mother.

Washing the sesame seeds is most crucial step.

You can wash and roast the seeds much ahead of time and when you are ready to make the ladoos, then you can give a quick heat to seeds and grind them. I did the same.

You can adjust sugar as per your taste. I prefer less sweet, so mine is on the lesser side.