Woodapple Sherbet | Bael ka Sherbet Recipe


1 medium sized wood apple
3 tablespoons of sugar
3 cups of cold water
1 medium sized lemon (optional)
shikanji masala for taste (optional)


1. Bang the wood apple against a hard surface like your floor or a counter top. Just be careful if the surface is fragile and can break with banging. Or alternatively you can use a small hammer to gently tap the wood apple few times till cracks appear. Then pull it apart firmly. Using a spoon scrape the pulp out and soak the pulp in water for 2 hours. The water should be just enough to soak.
2. In a large bowl, take 1 cup water and add sugar, stir to mix well. You can even use use powdered sugar to make it easier to mix sugar. Keep aside.
3. Once the soaked pulp is soft, use your hands to further break it down and mash. Place a strainer on the bowl of sweetend water and pour the pulp on it. Strain well. You may need to squeeze some remaining juices using your hand. Discard the seeds & fibre.
4. Add cold water to this wood apple mixture and dilute according to taste. You can now add lemon juice and shikanji masala as per your preference. I am more for a thick sherbet. Garnish with fresh mint leaves. Serve chilled.


This is a family recipe.

This recipe is very adaptable, so adjust according to your taste – reduce sweetness, add more salt, or more water, etc.