Buttercream Cookie Sandwiches | #Leftovers

Eggless Buttercream Sandwich Cookies

Lately I have been creating dishes with leftovers – after ganache, condensed milk, milk, etc I have now found the perfect way to use up leftover Buttercream. Since we are not very fond of buttercream, I knew I would not be using to frost cakes anytime soon. So I decided to see what best I can do with leftovers. Google as usual came to the rescue. Most articles recommended using it on Graham Crackers. I follow I am Baker quite religiously, and last month Amanda posted recipes of sandwich … [Read more...]

Eggless Choco Cherry Marble Cake

Eggless Choco Cherry Marble Cake

I had mentioned on my Eggless Banana Quickbread post, how it got me my first commercial order - 3 Kg Cake. I was very skeptical of doing such an order as I don't have that kind of infrastructure and till now have always baked goodies for family and friends only. This order was placed by a dear friend who wished to carry the cake to her office on the occasion of her birthday. When I told her I can't take this order, she argued that she would be anyways carrying sweets/ cakes from the … [Read more...]

Eggless Neapolitan Cake filled with Cherry Compote & Buttercream | Our Darling Daughter turns 1

Eggless Neapolitan Cake filled with Cherry Compote & Buttercream

Last year this time I was in hospital, recovering after the birth of our daughter. Time really flies! Our daughter turned 1 this week. She has been an angel cum a brat in last 1 year. Everyone believed the elder brother will give her a tough time but seems to me like the opposite here. :)   Till now I've never made a pink cake but this time I fell for clichéd & wanted to celebrate her birthday with a pink cake. I've come across several Neapolitan Cake/ bars/ ice-cream etc … [Read more...]

Chocolate Truffle with Cherry Pie Filling Tart – Sweet Punch for October

Chocolate Truffle with Cherry Pie Filling Tart

Wishing all bloggers a Happy Dussera, end of Navratras & Dandiya Ras. Hope you all had wonderful celebrations yesterday. I made the Dussera special meal along with matar pulao, aloo phool gobi & kheer. These recipes for some later posts. Today being the 7th of month, it's time for some Sweet Punch. I usually plan & make my posts much in advance & never wait for the last day, however last 15 days saw too much baking & sweet in the household with Eggless BFC, Eggless … [Read more...]

Eggless Black Forest Cake with Chocolate Ganache & Cherry Pie Filling – Happy Birthday Dear Hubby

Eggless Black Forest Cake with Cherry Pie Filling & Chocolate Ganache

Let me tell you at the onset that this is a loooonngggg post. I've tried to keep it as short as possible. More than festivals, I enjoy planning & creating our family days - birthdays, anniversary etc. Every year for last 5 yrs, I've been celebrating V's b'day and plan a surprise (little or big) for him. Every year he complains about those surprises as he is not very pro to the idea of surprise - he likes them but would want to be forewarned than surprised. So this year I promised him I … [Read more...]