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Tomato Cucumber Sandwich

Tomato Cucumber Sandwich

This fresh cold sandwich is a great hit with kids, adults alike and very easy to make-ahead especially for potlucks/ parties etc as finger food.

Cucumber Brownie

Cucumber Brownie

These brownies confirm my belief that with chocolate you can blend any ingredient in your pantry and whip up the best of snacks. You can substitute cucumber with spinach, oats, fruits like strawberries, etc. The options are limitless.

Eggless Chocolate Cucumber Banana Quickbread

Eggless Chocolate Cucumber Banana QuickBread | Alternative to #zucchini

A perfect healthy and yummy breakfast option. Egg-free Cucumber Chocolate Quickbread.

Baked Ratatouille

Baked Ratatouille | An Occitan Delight

The movie and this dish are not far behind.

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