Eggless Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Layered Cupcakes

Eggless Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Layered Cupcakes

Ever since I have caught hold of Bakin' Without Eggs, I am on a baking spree with both our b'days being this month. While I was going through this book, I came across this recipe of cupcakes using cream cheese as topping while baking. This immediately made me remember the leftover cream cheese from Eggless Banana Pound Cake. So I knew I had to bake it before I challenge the bacteria to spoil the cream cheese. I also wanted to use my new set of silicone cupcake moulds which my aunt brought for me … [Read more...]

Eggless Checkerboard/ Chequered Cake without the special pan & with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting – Happy Birthday to me :)

Eggless Checkerboard Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I'm the BIRTHDAY GIRL :) So what if the post is 3 days late, even then I can enjoy being the birthday girl for 1 more week :) I baked the cake & cut it on the D-day only but haven't been able to post it. Checkerboard cake have been on my to bake list from the beginning. The first time I saw this I knew I had to make it soon & finally the occasion presented itself in the form of my b'day. I gave this cake option to V but he wanted to stick to known entity of a Black Forest Cake. I … [Read more...]

Eggless Black Forest Cake with Chocolate Ganache & Cherry Pie Filling – Happy Birthday Dear Hubby

Eggless Black Forest Cake with Cherry Pie Filling & Chocolate Ganache

Let me tell you at the onset that this is a loooonngggg post. I've tried to keep it as short as possible. More than festivals, I enjoy planning & creating our family days - birthdays, anniversary etc. Every year for last 5 yrs, I've been celebrating V's b'day and plan a surprise (little or big) for him. Every year he complains about those surprises as he is not very pro to the idea of surprise - he likes them but would want to be forewarned than surprised. So this year I promised him I … [Read more...]

Spaghetti in Arabiata Sauce – Super Red Hot!

Spaghetti in Arabiata Sauce

As mentioned in Eggless Tiramisu post, my Anniversary Menu was Italian and this post is a continuation of that menu. Spaghetti in Arabiata sauce is both V & my favorite. We never give up a chance to hog on it. So when I chanced upon DK's recipe in Chefinyou for Penne all'arabiata, I couldn't resist trying her version. But again as I've mentioned in my introduction, I can not stick to a recipe to the T, so I made some changes in it. Instead of Penne, I used Macaroni & Spaghetti as … [Read more...]