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Basil Ice-cream

Basil Icecream

This is one of the freshest tasting ice-cream I have ever made or tasted.

Pineapple Pudding

Pineapple Pudding | Revisiting Through the Lens – 15

A very easy and quick to make-ahead dessert. Just throw in the ingredients together and chill. Serve.

Chocolate Ganache | Basics | How To

Chocolate Ganache | Basics | How To

The basic recipe for making a chocolate ganache along with the different proportions for a filling ganache to a pouring ganache. Read on…

Old Fashion Chocolate Cake

Old Fashion Chocolate Cake

This moist, eggless and chocolatey cake is from the time when eggs were rationed World War II and people took to creating eggless recipes. This cake is a heavenly delight in every bite – every bit moist and decadent.

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