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Sicilian Pesto Pasta

Sicilian Pesto Pasta

If the pesto is ready then making this is breeze and you have a perfect meal on your hand.

Spinach Cream Pasta

Spinach Cream Pasta | Revisiting Through the Lens Series – 14

Most delicious pasta ever made. Spinach Cream Penne is a crowd pleaser.

Pasta with Pizza Sauce

Pasta in Pizza Sauce

The most awesome and delicious pasta ever. This pizza sauce complements the pasta well.

Elbow Pasta Tart

Elbow Pasta Tart | The Best Ever

This is a delicious tart made from cooked pasta.

Spinach Macaroni Pasta

Creamy Spinach Pasta with Macaroni – Blog Hop 6

One of the most repeatedly cooked recipe from the blog.

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