Dulce de Leche

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400 grams of condensed milk (unopened) (1 can is usually 400 grams)
water for boiling


1. Remove the plastic lid from the can, if any. Fill a pressure cooker halfway with water. Place the condensed milk can in it. The water should be enough to cover the can completely.
2. Place the lid of cooker along with the weight. Allow the pressure to build up and released through the whistle. Lower the flame and allow to cook for 15-20 minutes (including the time needed for pressure to build up). The timing will vary upon the end result you desire - thickness, color and taste.
3. Switch off the flame and allow the pressure to completely release. Open the lid & remove the can. Allow the can to cool completely. Once cooled, open it and use as you desire.


I used a 5 liter pressure cooker. You would need this much or even 10 liter to submerge the can well.

Do NOT open the lid of the can before cooking.

The cooking time to vary as per desired result. The longer you keep, the thicker it would be. The taste would be stronger & color darker.

I kept mine for 20 minutes and mine was very thick & dark. I prefer lighter in color & more runny, so I would be keeping it for 15 minutes or less.

Use the cooking time & whistle as a guide.

Allow the can to cool completely before opening or it may burn you.

You can refrigerate the Dulce de Leche can for 1 month.

If the sauce thickens, microwave in small bursts to achieve desired consistency.