Pinwheel Sandwich Recipe


1 loaf of big sized bread, sliced horizontally
¼ cup of tomato sauce
¼ cup of coriander and mint chutney
¼ cup of butter, softened


1. Wet a cheesecloth or fine muslin. Spread on a tabletop or work surface.
2. Take a rolling pin & lightly roll a horizontal slice of bread. It will slightly flatten the bread slice without breaking it. Repeat for 2 more slices.
3. Now spread butter on one slice, coriander and mint chutney on second slice and tomato sauce on the third slice.
4. Place tomato sauce slice at the bottom with sauce facing up. Now place butter slice on top of the sauce slice with butter side facing up. On top of this now place coriander mint chutney slice with chutney side facing up.
5. Now take one end (smaller edge) of the bread sandwich set and start rolling it towards the other end. Roll firmly & evenly.
6. Once rolled, roll them in food grade safe aluminum foil or cling film tightly.
7. Twist the edges of the foil/ film like a toffee. Now refrigerate the rolls for ½-1 hour or even overnight.
8. Repeat the whole process for remaining slices.
9. When ready to serve, remove from refrigerator.
10. Slice and serve cold with tea or coffee or in kid’s tiffin.
11. It stores well upto a week in refrigerator if suitably moistened.


Recipe from the repertoire of family recipe.

It stores well upto a week in refrigerator if suitably moistened.

Wrapping the sandwiches firms them up for slicing later on.

This sandwich is a great hit with kids, adults alike and very easy to make-ahead especially for potlucks/ parties etc as finger food.