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M&M Piñata Cake

M&M Piñata Cake

A beautiful cake to look at and an absolute delight for the kids to enjoy. The bounty of M&Ms toppling down and children squealing makes up for all the effort going in.

Toffee Apple Upside-Down Cake

Apple Upside-Down Cake

A perfect cake to bring in the fall this season. Apple Upside-Down Cake for the win!

Apple Sauce | Basics | How To

Homemade Apple Sauce

The quickest apple sauce. No sugar, no artificial flavour.

Apple and Plum Crisp | Moleskine Recipe Journal

Apple and Plum Crisp

It is perfect for a party as a make-ahead dessert or an impromptu one too.

Apple Pear Crumble

Apple Pear Crumble

The juicy goodness of apple and pear.

Eggless Moist Applesauce Chocolate Brownie

Applesauce Brownie

These are moist and decadent with a scoop of icecream

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