By Deepali

Kachori | Bedmi Poori

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stuffed with urad dal filling

different from regular pooris

Dal Filling

use stone 'sil-batta' for best result

Apply Pressure

ensure that dal doesn’t slip off the stone

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करारी बेड़मी पूरी

Cook stuffing from the inside

crispier & deeper golden brown than usual pooris

spicy & fulfilling

Bedmi Poori is usually a part of Saatvik thali

Saatvik Thali

festival meal in Jain households

Tips for Crispy बेड़मी पूरी

* dough needs to be semi-hard * Do not rest more than 20-30 mins * Do not add water for grinding dal * grind ready moong dal namkeen or other varieties into a coarse powder to use as filling