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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked, and I’ve answered!

Photographic equipment that I usually use

Camera: Sony A7IV
Lens: Sony 90mm f 2.8 macro
Post-production: Lightroom / Photoshop / Rush
Mobile: One Plus Nord CE

How to start as a food blogger?

A food blogger is someone who loves to share their food ideas in various forms of media to a larger audience through a blog.

The interest to share your food journey with other foodies is the basic step to starting a food blog. Then choose a blog name, find an online platform, and work on various features of content and development of the blog come later. The process is evolving and a learning one in which we make friends with like interests.

Can I download recipes from this blog?

Yes, users can save our recipes as documents or print them for their individual reference.

Where to find more recipe videos?

All the video content related to the recipes is available on the blog and my YouTube channel. Do check the social media platforms for more content related to recipes on Facebook and Instagram.

How to subscribe to my emails?

We do send regular updates regarding any new posts or recipes on our website to all our subscribers through mail. Subscribe to our newsletter by signing up here. We assure our users their information is not shared further and is saved for the sole purpose as mentioned. 

How to ask a question about a recipe?

I am always open to helping our viewers with their queries related to our recipes or anything related to the blog. Please drop your comment in the comment section below the recipe or feel free to mail at Contact Me

If you are interested in our intern program

If you want to work with me, feel free to drop us an email at  deepali@lemoninginger.com or contact us here

Can I use one of your photos on my site?

No, all the photos on the blog are copyright protected under the name Copyright,2022-Lemon in Ginger, and usage of these images by any individual or company is strictly prohibited under copyright laws. All the content including written text, images, and logo are copyright protected, usage of all mentioned above will be considered a breach of relevant laws and liable to legal action.

If anyone wishes to mention recipes or any other data related to Lemon in Ginger, need to get in touch with us at Contact Me.


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