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Photoblog: Cherries

Photoblog: Cherries

This gorgeous stone fruit makes a perfect subject for a photoblog, a story. Picture perfect they are.

Annual Cake-Mixing Ceremony | Westin Pune

Annual Cake-Mixing Tradition

A photoblog to chronicle the annual cake-mixing ceremony for a 1200 lb cake

Karla Caves

Karla Caves Pune

Another locale to explore and love near Lonavla. It is a Buddhist monastery near the travel route of between North Indian and South India. Buddhist monks were known to locate their monastic establishments in natural geographic formations close to major trade routes so as to provide lodging houses for travelling traders.

Mahabaleshwar Photo Blog – Part 4 | Travel Story

Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani | Series 4

In this post on Mahabalehswar, I am sharing with you some of the places you can visit as a tourist and enjoy during your stay in Mahabaleshwar or nearby areas. At the end of the series, I hope you will be well versed with where to stay, where and what to eat and how to enjoy Mahabaleshwar like a pro. Trip time!

Litchis | PhotoStory

Litchis (Lychees) | PhotoStory

When I am asked what is my favourite fruit, I can only think of two – Litchis and Grapes. And I get to indulge in both of them when I am visiting home.

PhotoStory | Grapes and Home

PhotoStory | Grapes and Home

My visits to home are sweet, bitter, some old and some new memories. I bring you one such memory and a glimpse of home-grown grapes.

Strawberry | Photostory

Strawberry | A Still Life Photostory

A photostory of the winter jewels – Strawberries.

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