How to Blanch Tomatoes

How to Blanch Tomatoes or Smoky Blanched Tomatoes is a very easy recipe or DIY step to add charcoal flavour to your soups or curries. I have grown up seeing my mom do this for most of her soup recipes. It’s a great way to remove the skin of the tomatoes quickly.

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Blanching Tomatoes
Blanching Tomatoes

Before I begin this post, I have a BIG news to share. I finally did it!!! Yes. Yes. Yes.

I bought my first dSLR & a image processing PC with good configuration. Do you want details? Even if you don’t want, I will still be sharing them later in the week. *wink* That’s me!

How To Blanch Tomatoes
How To Blanch Tomatoes

Coming back to the post, I know that most of you know how to blanch tomatoes but I have seen so many different versions of blanching using boiling, steaming or plain peeling that I decided to share my own method of blanching which again I have picked up from my mother.

Blanched Tomatoes Recipe
Blanched Tomatoes Recipe

The step is simple in less than a minute you have a blanched tomato. Dig in a fork into a tomato and slowly move it over a slow-medium flame and voila! The skin bubbles and comes off on its own.

You are left with easy to peel off skin and a great smoky flavour.

Blanched Tomatoes
Blanched Tomatoes

The only drawback to this process is that if you have many tomatoes to blanch then this may seem tedious. But I personally prefer this one for any number of tomatoes and have always used this method.

So here to smoky blanched tomatoes.

How to Blanch Tomatoes Recipe


6-8 tomatoes, firm
1 fork


1.Wash & clean tomatoes. Pat dry them using a soft muslin cloth.
2.Take a tomato and pierce it with the fork at the top.
3.Now slowly rotate the tomato engorged on the vine of the fork over a fire slow-medium flame while holding the fork.
4.As you move the fork you will notice the skin of the tomato begins to bubble, char and shrink. It starts splitting in various places.
5.Once the you feel that the skin is charred nicely and the skin is now slightly disengaged from the tomato, remove from the flame.
6.Repeat the process for remaining tomatoes.
7.Once the tomatoes, cool down, remove the skin completely using your fingers.
8.Use the smoky and peeled tomatoes for soups, curries or just as salad.


My sister’s recipe from the repertoire of family recipe.

You can use a grilling pan as well to achieve the smoky flavour of the tomatoes.