#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune


#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune is here! If you have any doubt about why you should attend a mobile photography workshop, continue reading and I am sure it will make you change your mind.

Every time I check my TL, I see some amazing images with equally emphatic descriptions.

And then there are images posted with ‘effusive sentiments’ which makes me wonder what’s there to drool on them. As a seasoned food blogger, you instantly realize that the dish must have deserved the ‘foodgasm’ but the photographer has left the viewer reeling with disgust.

#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune
#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune

And that ‘foodie’ is not alone in clicking bad images, even world-famous chef, and cookbook author, Martha Stewart is not beyond this folly. Last year in November she was publicly taken to task and ridiculed for posting some really bad images on her Twitter TL.

It is easy to take your phone camera & click the food you are eating or creating. What it also needs is a bit of knowledge on how to use that camera to its best potential.

And this is what we are bringing to you. #MobileFoodPhotography Workshop.

#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune
#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune

This workshop will empower you to turn your phone camera into a beast churning out great images evoking only hunger.

It would enable the participant with the basic skills needed to shoot using a smartphone. It will teach you to use everyday items like tissue paper, menu cards, or table napkins to deliver a perfect image.

The workshop will include how to use the best light available, square framing, editing on the phone, filters, etc.

#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune
#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune

And the best part of the workshop is the hands-on experience. The participants would be given time to practice what they have been taught right at the location and share with the world! This hands-on exercise will also enable you to clarify your doubts with the photographer.

Last, but not least, you get to eat while shooting. I say it is perfect.

Our host Wtf  succinctly puts it right ‘Good Food Demands Better Pictures.’ Don’t wait any longer and join us.

Organizers: Lemon in Ginger & FBAI

Media Partners: Pune Instagrammers

Photographer/ Teacher: Soham Sabnis

Date: 23rd August, 2014, Saturday

Venue: Wtf, Seasons Mall, Magarpatta

Time: 5:00 pm onwards

#MobileFoodPhotography Workshop #Pune
Image: Lemon in Ginger
Creative: The Other Guys

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