DIY Food Photography Background


DIY Food Photography Background are quite easy to make. All you need is a piece of wood and some acrylic paint. This was done many years ago. But today better paints for craft purpose are commonly available. They are great medium to paint your boards with.

Life has been hectic last few months. Lot of time invested in blogging, meeting people, attending events and to top it, have  a full-fledged personal life – with kids, hubby and commitments. Phew!

DIY Food Photography Background

It sometimes get out of control. Did for me. Finally I took charge, distanced myself from irrelevant noise, chose quality, chose things which were adding value to me and my life. And, now I am happy!

I can proudly say, I have a personal life, a social (virtual) life and still have time to pursue blogging and hopefully a career soon.

DIY Food Photography Background

As I mentioned few weeks ago, I upgraded my photography gear & seeing my interest & passion finally V took up the brush for me. I have been asking him to do it for last 3 months.

We had got our kitchen done few months ago and lot of ply boards leftover from there. V painted them in few random colors.  I kept asking him to go slow and apply only thin coat of paint. But husbands never listen, you know.

Now I have got sandpaper and will be sanding some paint off to give it old and used look. :)

DIY Food Photography Background

Just apply some primer for even coating & take up a paint or color of your choice. And ta da! you are ready. I skipped the primer as I wanted uneven weathered look. It is so easy that Vedanta also painted one board and managed to paint the paint can along with it. :)

Have a dekko!

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