Basics of Food Photography | Tutorial 1


Basics of Food Photography | Tutorial 1 is the beginning of a series which is based on getting the most out of your phone or tablet or even a camera. The series talk about how to compose, background, orientation, angles, editing etc. These are some basic tips and tricks of learning food photography.

Learn from this series on my YouTube channel or read more about them as tutorial 2, tutorial 3, tutorial 4, tutorial 5.

After a lot of work and deliberation, I am finally sharing all that I have learned in last 4 years in food photography. My mistakes, my learnings and my achievements. All in one place.

I felt the need to understand mobile photography a lot in these years as most of us share what we eat on our social media feed and I have seen my share of some ugly Instagram and Twitter feed. So I have decided to share the knowledge through live examples shot at a restaurant using a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet like an iPad.

The same know-how can be applied to dSLR or Point & Shoot.

I have divided the content in small 2-3 minutes videos, making it simple to absorb and implement.

In this first video you learn which Orientation to select i.e. Landscape or Portrait, how to create depth of field and remember to break the rules by experimenting with your knowledge.

Don’t forget to enjoy a pint on the side. Cheers!

Hope you enjoy the video. If you like what you see, subscribe to my channel. Come back for more – like comment and share. XOXO!!

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  1. Anant kumar says:

    Nice information Deepali. Didn’t know point and shoot can also click dslr like images

    1. Yes Anant. That’s why the tutorial :)

  2. Very good information on taking pics. Keep going…

    1. Thanks Sabina. I am glad you liked it. There’s more to come soon.

  3. wow, amazing… very informative.. thanks for sharing Deepali :-)

    1. Thanks Archana. There’s more to come soon.

  4. Hi Deepali! I’m sorry to say that the video is not working.

    1. Hi Cherie, Thanks for bringing it to my notice. There was some issue with link, I have updated the post and now you can view it.

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