My Son’s 5th Birthday Celebration


My Son’s 5th Birthday Celebration was incomplete without a home-baked cake. The duty which I happily fulfilled with a delicious cake. It’s a bittersweet moment to see the kids growing up fast.

I posted on Monday, the Eggless Triple Chocolate Mini Bundt Cake, I had made for Vedanta’s 5th Birthday keeping in mind his love for chocolate. I made a mini cake as it was just for 4 of us.


And the big party was scheduled 2 days later when about 40 people including adults & kids were coming. My younger one is Mum’s daughter & wants to cling to me all the time. I knew that this year I could not manage a 20-month-old in my lap and guests and cook fresh food and bake a cake.


So we brought in a neighborhood South-Indian vendor to churn out varieties of dosas, uttapa, and gulab jamun. As a side, I made Curd Rice and roasted some papads.


I didn’t bake the cake for the party. I just decided to take it easy.


My fellow blogger & dear friend Tes was the first one to arrive and very sweetly got me a stash of cookies (which are just yummy and my kids have been gorging on them). Priyanka was the photographer for the event and has shot some amazing moments. I told her to go with candid shots and that’s what she did! :)


The kids had a great time that is for sure. Cries of joy, naughtiness & laughter filled the house.

We bought our first house about 10 months ago and moved in 7 months ago. We did not have time to get most of the work done between possession and moving. Finally, in the last 2 months, we made some basic changes to the house including a kitchen, terrace garden, and shed.


So we decided to throw our first housewarming party coinciding with the birthday celebrations. It became a dual celebration and hence a bigger party and guest list.

The only hiccup for the evening was that the Dosa vendor was slow on speed and people had to wait for a long time initially. Later on, he did pick up speed and all was not lost! Phew!


Many thanks to Priyanka for clicking the images I am posting here.


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  1. Awww :) such a sweet post. We really had a wonderful time there :) Love you guys a lot :)

    1. Thanks Tes. The wonderful time was stamped by Yaseen cries of not wanting to leave :) Thanks for coming over!

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