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Like most families today we are a nuclear family too – man of the house, 2 kids and the humble me. With social technology taking its toll on everything around including us, it becomes very important for us to take out time for each other and for family.

In a fast paced setting, kids have their own life with umpteen extra curricular activities outside of school, friends, play-time, idiot-box time, story-time, bath-time, etc, etc,. To this, add chaos of working parents, day-care, maids, nannies, numerous ‘virtual’ social assignations of the day – Twitter, Facebook, emails, Instagram.

How I Meet My Family at Starbucks | #HowWeMet #Pune

We don’t even realise where the day has gone and the 24 hours seem short, very short and insufficient.

It is to stay away from getting drained and stay connected with each other that we as a family hold onto our weekends and those unplanned casual leaves or even an hour of simple pleasure in the evening after work.

When I look back at my childhood, I wonder how my parents gave me so much time with their own busy schedule and then you realise that it is not just sitting with the child or the family, it is the time spent with them and for them – which is probably defined as ‘quality’ time.

How I Meet My Family at Starbucks | #HowWeMet #Pune

Such moments are stolen and cherished when we visit a nearby Starbucks Outlet. V and I enjoy our own cuppa and kids love to munch on tidbits. More than the cuppa and the snack, the love and comfort we share in each other’s company makes these moments special.

Since I am a work from home mom, I still get to spend a lot of time with kids, but V and children cherish these outings tremendously and I am very happy to be on the sideline and just enjoy the love transpiring right in front of me.

How I Meet My Family at Starbucks | #HowWeMet #Pune

The love just doesn’t transpire, it engulfs me and touches me more than I can express.

The time spent relaxing over a cup of coffee is beautiful, the conversation is heartfelt and memories are forever.

Rather than leave kids with a nanny while we enjoy our cuppa, V and I took a decision to include kids in our weekly outing and make memories together. We are a family and it is a natural progression to have kids participate equally in our lives.

‘Good Things Happen When We Get Together’ is apt and fitting and we never lose a chance to make the most of it.

How I Meet My Family at Starbucks | #HowWeMet #Pune


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