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Panchmel Dal

Panchmel Dal

The goodness of so many dals (lentils) make it a perfect everyday dal also or when you are looking for a change.

Bajre ki Khichdi | Pearl Millet Khichdi

Bajre ki Khichdi

Bajre ki Khichdi sounds very desi, core but making it is one of the simplest task you can undertake.

Dal Namkeen

Homemade Dal Namkeen

A very tasty namkeen to snack on with little or no spices.

Pan-Fried Black Channa Kebabs

Pan-Fried Kala Chana Kebabs

A healthier version of my all-time party favourite Black Chana Kebabs.

Kalmi Vada | Gram Dal Crispies

Kalmi Vada

A make-ahead party starter or can be served as chaat for the mood.

Moong Dal Cheela

Moong Dal Cheela

Healthy, Protein-rich Lentil Crepe for a perfect snack.

Sun-dried Mangori

Homemade Sun-dried Mangori

Mangori-An easy way to add proteins to your meal. It is simple and quick to do. It stores well, so you can make and use the year round.

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