Cookie Mocha Custard

Cookie Mocha Custard is an eggless crunchy dessert made with combination of cookies, coffee and chocolate. Divine I say! It is delicious, it is decadent!

Hope you all had great Independence Day Celebration & long weekend. I did! As I mentioned in Eggless Tutti-Fruity Cake, I went to visit my aunt in Mumbai. I baked the cake & cookies for them and carried with me. Also, since I knew that my next blog hop will be due as soon as I get back, I planned a dessert which I had chosen to make from Monika of Sinamon Tales during that visit. She is my blog-hop partner this Wednesday & I chose this wonderful dessert as it has the deadly ‘C’s – cookies, chocolate, coffee & custard. Monika started her blog just like me – with no job, sitting at home, she started experimenting in kitchen & they came out very good. She was encouraged by her family to go ahead and explore this talent more by becoming a food blogger. This custard is one of the first recipes she wrote.

Eggless Cookie Crunch Mocha Custard
Eggless Cookie Crunch Mocha Custard

I baked fresh Choco-chip & oats cookies & I was ready to make the dessert anywhere. :) I carried custard powder, cooking chocolate & coffee powder with me just in case they were out of stock in my aunt’s household. And I rustled this wonderful dessert for 3 men gathered in the family with only slight tweaking based on our tastes.

Eggless Cookie Crunch Mocha Custard –

Recipe Source – minimally adapted from Monika of Sinamon Tales

Ingredients –

  • 600 ml – Milk
  • 3 Tbsp – Custard Powder
  • 2 Tbsp – Sugar
  • 120 gms – Semi-sweet Cooking Chocolate (or 4 Tbsp cocoa powder instead)
  • 2 tsp – Coffee Powder
  • 6 – Choco-chip & Oats Cookies
Eggless Cookie Crunch Mocha Custard
Eggless Cookie Crunch Mocha Custard

Method –

  1. In 50 ml milk, dissolve custard powder in a small bowl. Boil the rest of the milk in a heavy bottom saucepan.
  2. In the meanwhile, melt chocolate in a microwave or double boiler. If you are using microwave, ensure not to burn the chocolate. Usually 30-40 secs is more than sufficient to melt a chocolate.
  3. Dissolve coffee in 1 Tbsp water in a small bowl & keep aside.
  4. When the milk starts boiling, add sugar and allow it to dissolve.
  5. Remove from flame and add custard powder paste. The paste should be added using thin thread dropping flow & your other hand should continuously stir it in the milk to avoid any lumps formation.
  6. Once the custard powder is uniformly mixed & there are no lumps, keep the pan back on a very low flame. Continue stirring. Allow it to boil once again for 2-3 mins.
  7. Then add melted chocolate & coffee paste & boil for another 3-4  mins all the while continuously stirring.
  8. Remove from flame & allow to cool.
  9. Once it reaches lukewarm temp, add the crumbled cookies on top. Ensure the custard is neither too hot or cold as the cookie will either become too soft or will not blend, respectively.
  10. Set in refrigerator for 4-5 hours. Serve chilled with a dollop of fresh cream.

The custard came out great & was gobbled up instantly. Who can resist the deadly Cs. :D This is one of the best custards I’ve eaten. It was just too perfect with a delectable crunchy taste. I drove Monika crazy with asking the same Qs again & again in 5 mails. The dumb me! But i finally got the recipe right :) Hats off to Monika for creating a sinful & excellent custard. I just loved it!

Eggless Cookie Crunch Mocha Custard
Eggless Cookie Crunch Mocha Custard

Some notes –

  • I felt that 500 ml milk was slightly lesser than required for 3 Tbsp custard powder. I added about 100 ml extra to get the desired consistency.
  • I increased the chocolate as that was the last bar with me & I wanted to finish it off. You can use lesser if required.
  • Also, the cookies in the recipe are 8-10, I felt 6 was more than enough for this quantity.
  • Once the custard reached the lukewarm temp, I used a hand blender to give it smooth mix as custards invariably becomes lumpy while cooling down.
  • If the custard feels more cool than required temp, before topping with cookies, just microwave for 30 secs or lesser and then add cookies. I did this as due to blending the temp reduced more than required.