Lassi is the evergreen summer special beverage made with basic ingredients of curd and sugar. Learn the tricks to make shop like thick and creamy lassi. Curd is a favorite addition to our food in summer and this preparation with it will surely make your summers tastier.

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A comforting drink to satisfy that craving

Lassi needs no introduction. It represents all things I have grown up on or know well. I have embraced Pune and Maharashtra as a region quite well in so many years but you just can’t take away my being a north Indian and enjoying a good dash of ghee, butter, paranthas, fried and spicy food. I may turn all healthy and conscious about what I eat but I still crave for all things rich and deep fried. :D

Adjust milk and sugar as per your taste – thick, thin or more sweet

It’s no brainer that I like sweets too, actually quite a bit. I love Lassi and it is a constant struggle to not drink more than a couple of sips. :|

A sip is enough to leave a deep satisfying feeling

I usually make lassi by adding milk to home-made whipped curd and powdered sugar by approximation but for the sake of blog post, I decided to record each ingredient measurements. So this is how I make it. You can increase sugar if you like or make it thinner or thicker as per your taste.

A classic drink



500 grams of home-made curd (yoghurt)
½ cup of milk
cup of powdered sugar
garnish with mango cubes or pistachio


1.In a big bowl, thoroughly mix curd, milk and powdered sugar using a balloon whisk or a blender. Chill it for half an hour before serving.
2.Serve it chilled. You can top it with some pistachio or mango cubes etc.


You can adapt this recipe as per your preference for sweetness and thickness. I like it mild sweet with slightly thin consistency.