IIT Roorkee University Buns


Roorkee University Buns from Alpahar Canteen at IIT Roorkee has a special place in my childhood. Since we were all vegetarian, getting eggless bakery products were a challenge while growing up. A couple of my uncles have been star students and completed their Engineering at Roorkee University. They would bring Eggless Buns from Roorkee whenever they would visit home from the hostel. It became a tradition for anyone passing through Roorkee to get those buns for many decades.

Some of my favorite childhood memories of food are bael pathat sherbet, roohafza, aamras.

Roorkee University Buns
These super soft sweet buns are to die for

There are some things that are priceless and we don’t indulge in them often enough. One of them is enjoying an idle afternoon under the sun, some shade, a cooler, and some baked goodies to munch on. Picnic is special to me as I have grown up on an overdose of English books and novels, where the picnic is a must set to have.

It’s no wonder that when I visit my mom, I indulge in this fantasy at least once during the whole stay. This time the cooler was in the form of Wood Apple Sherbet and some goody-goody sweet buns from Roorkee University Bakery. I know it is no longer Roorkee University but IIT-Roorkee but old habits die hard.

Roorkee University Buns
We eat them soaked in loads of cream and milk, till they melt in your mouth with each bite

My family is an alumnus of Roorkee University and hence they have been a regular feature in my household. They are soft and stay fresh for a long time if refrigerated. As a child, we have eaten them liberally doused in milk and cream. Heaven!

Roorkee University Buns
We stock them for many days in our refrigerator

Though the overall quality of these buns has reduced drastically over the last few years I still enjoy devouring them probably because of all those childhood memories attached to them.

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