Pasta in Pizza Sauce

Pasta in Pizza Sauce is a no-brainer easy dish for hungry kids. Use a ready-to-use pizza sauce and add to some boiled pasta! Comes together in less than 15 minutes.

I am the happiest mom when my kids take to any dish, any food.

Pasta with Pizza Sauce
Pasta with Pizza Sauce

Slowly my older one has started demanding the zebra cake quite regularly. And whatever he asks is good for the younger one too. She copies her elder bro to the T.

Pasta with Pizza Sauce
Pasta with Pizza Sauce

The next in line for the current favourite is pasta. I have few pasta recipes here, this time I decided to use leftover pizza sauce from here.

Pasta with Pizza Sauce
Pasta with Pizza Sauce

Since the sauce was ready the cooking of this meal was a breeze. I just reheated the sauce and simultaneously boiled pasta to al dente stage.

Mix the two adjust spices like salt, oregano, mixed herbs, red chilli flakes etc.

Pasta with Pizza Sauce
Pasta with Pizza Sauce

Serve hot with garlic bread or alone. I absolutely loved the taste of sauce in the pasta and may keep it in my freezer for such quick meals.

1 bowl of pasta - 250 grams Conversion Chart Print

Pasta with Pizza Sauce


250 grams of spirali pasta or any other pasta of your choice
3 cups of pizza sauce
1 tablespoon parmesan cheese, grated
herbs dried
salt to taste


1.In a thick bottom pan, heat the pizza sauce.
2.In a deep vessel, boil water with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and salt. Once the water starts boiling slowly add pasta, allowing the water to continue simmering all the while.
3.Cook the pasta in simmering water for another 5-8 minutes. Keep checking using a fork to cut the pasta. If it takes slight pressure to cut through the pasta then it is done.
4.This stage is known as al dente. Do not over cook the pasta.
5.Drain and sprinkle the pasta with little olive oil to keep it from sticking together. Also you may want to collect this water and use as stock in a soup. You can run pasta under cold water as well to stop further cooking.
6.Add pasta to heated sauce. Mix well. Adjust spices and salt. Garnish with grated cheese. Serve hot.


The most awesome and delicious pasta ever. This pizza sauce complements the pasta well.