Nimbu Mirch ka Achar

Nimbu Mirch ka Achar or Lemon Red Chili Pickle is a chutney made with nimbu and red chili paste. Its chili, tangy and sweet. Having this tasty pickle in your plate makes your thali da bomb!

Lemon Red Chilli Pickle

Even before I tasted this pickle, I heard great reviews for it from many neighbors in our society. I was intrigued. But since this required red chilies, which have very short season (2-3 weeks in February) in Pune, I had to wait for last Feb to arrive before I requested Maheshwari Aunty to share the recipe. She had earlier shared her another Stuffed Red Chili Pickle

Lemon Red Chilli Pickle

Yes, this post has been in making for last few months.. with job, busy personal life and a little bit of artist’s block, I have been procrastinating posting many recipes. Hopefully this block is over and you will see more of me here.

Coming back to the recipe, all you need is red chili, lemon, sugar and salt and cooking them together makes the pickle ready. It is simple as that! Spread it on parantha, mathri or even eat raw when you fancy. :)

Perfectly spicy, tangy and finger-licking good pickle made with seasonal red chilli and lemons. Do make it in next season and don’t forget to leave your feedback below.

Lemon Red Chilli Pickle
250 grams of pickle Conversion Chart Print

Lemon Red Chilli Pickle


250 grams of red chilli
750 grams of sugar
25 lemon (big)
125 grams of salt
a pinch of asafoetida
garam masala as per taste (optional)


1.Using a dry cloth or tissue, thoroughly wipe both chillies and lemons. Please do not wash them as it will spoil the pickle.
2.Remove and discard the seeds from both chillies and lemon. Grind chillies and lemon together into a coarse paste.
3.Transfer the paste to a thick pan, add sugar and salt. Boil them together on slow flame for 30-45 minutes. Stir it continuously. Add asafoetida and garam masala as per taste. Allow it to cool and store in air-tight container in refrigerator.


Recipe is minimally adapted from Maheshwari Aunty.

It stays well when refrigerated upto 6 months.

Lemon Red Chilli Pickle