Shahi Tukda


5 slices of bread (use any bread of your choice)
¼ cup of sugar
cup of milk
1 cup of chilled rabri
oil for frying


1. Cut each bread slice into four pieces, and then deep fry the same. For the sugar syrup, mix sugar and milk in a thick bottom pan, allow it to cook for few minutes till the sugar dissolves and milk slightly thickens.
2. Place fried bread on a serving platter, and sprinkle sugar syrup on top of the slices. Allow them to soak the syrup slightly. Before serving, top the slices with liberal helping of rabri. Serve warm or chilled as per your choice.


My mother’s recipe from the repertoire of family recipe.

You can increase the sugar to ½ cup of sugar or more depending upon your taste. I have kept it on the mild sweet side.

You can even serve Shahi Toast without rabri for a lighter version.